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The racism practiced by Nazis seems like just a hoax when it comes to arab racism and hate for their fellow non-arab muslims.Dubai is so rich it has its own fleet of man-made islands, and the police force drives Ferraris.With comparision to Vegas Development and planning, Dubai is a failure.It is clearly mentioned in their law so it is not a surprise to anybody, neither they force labor to come here and work, so we cannot call them unfair on that account.Hi all. I want to get ticket and fly to Dubai and stay 2 weeks in order to find job.PS. It sounds as if you are not broke (like many usurpers who sit upon undeserved wealth handed down by the archaic practice of inheritance causing the penning of articles such as above) you might want to invest in therapy to get rid of the above confusion.

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Most of the buildings they have constructed no longer even depict Arabic architect anymore.Why do you publish these less than average intelligence pieces on your blog site.That should tell you all you need to know about the racist views held by these Arabs.Is this a site for a national newspaper or some place where the entire nations wannabe literary geniuses can come and rant about their sad pathetic lives.

Pay a visit to the textile souk, rich with elaborate tapestries and saffron-coloured bolts of fabric. How to get to Dubai Mall by subway Take line MRed:.Just because these guys have created something out of nothing, and Pakistanis have destroyed everything into nothing in their country, you are unhappy.

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UK white guy will be paid more than Indian guy even if they come from the same University. Period. Arabs who get higher wages are the locals.

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And few things people have mentioned above that according to them have been missed by the writer.

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I moved to Dubai back in 2003 just after my marriage, 2 years that I spent over there are still part of beautiful life, I am living.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.Accept Read More.Never read such a load of ill-informed drivel in a national paper before.Almost everyone knows about Dubai and its vast expanse of riches. Most people think that Dubai became rich due to it being a part of the Gulf,.But back home in their own country, they are different people.

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Also i dont understand why some reviews here are so negative towards the writer.

A view of some of the riches in Dubai and the Rich lifestyle. Facebook. Email or Phone: Password.However, I really think the writer is a bit immature in her aproach towards life in Dubai.A rich history and culture pervades the Emirates,. and develops and operates entertainment and leisure establishments such as Ski Dubai, Magic Planet,.My social life can be anything I want it to be and opportunities abound here, a lesson perhaps the author may wish to consider to get out of her rut.The fact that how much the people are getting in return is also out of question as no one forces them to come and work.they come out of their own will and being an engineer and working closely with labors I know many who does not want to leave even when they are paid less.I agree with the last point, not only the Terminal one is huge, but also it is packed with travelers with laptops and notebooks sprawled on the ground with their luggage to check their emails.

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Agree on that This place is different when you visit here or then you start living here.Now, I know that the title makes me look like a snob who gets to go places but is just so ungrateful.There is common misunderstanding that since it is located in oil rich Gulf, most of the success of Dubai was due to the.Another thing is that the price of the same article in two different shops is completely different.

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The investment has again started to flow in and the trust was created because the leaders injected money into the market personally.Online Trading Academy Dubai is here for each step of your trading education journey with courses.There are many more investments in Abu Dhabi just because of the name of Dubai and its accessibility.

Also, even in the air conditioned malls, I was feeling slightly hot.They dont, they almost defaulted a few years back, Their big brothers in Abu Dhabi had to step in and bail them out.

Becuase life changes totally when you start actually living here. you have all places to go but social life is almost ZERO.Some are even free and are much more entertaining than anything that costs over 100 dirhams.

I am of South Asian descent and went to a local university with more than 90% Emiratis.These festivals were better at least seven years ago when fun events would be held at malls and there were real discounts on things.New York Post. Close. Gold-digger confessions: How to land a rich man.

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