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FORTUNE may receive compensation for some links to products.The company is criticized for its slow response to environmental pollution including cleaning up oil spills.ExxonMobil ExxonMobil is an American oil company with headquarters in Texas.

It has recently experienced a downturn however as the biggest oil field in the country, called Cantarell has seen plunging.According to the US Energy Information Association, America alone consumed a total of 6.The List of Leading Oil Companies in India with Main details of the Company, Annual Revenue, India is one of the Oil Importer in the World.It advanced several of its largest projects in the 2000s, including the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines project and the Alberta Clipper pipeline project in 2006, the latter becoming operational in 2010.Top 5 Global Oil Stocks by Market Cap. we outline five of the biggest oil companies by.

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Biggest shipping companies: Container shipping has become one of the most lucrative and efficient means of transportation.

Royal Dutch Shell. 6. BP. 5. PetroChina. 4. ExxonMobil. 3. National Iranian Oil Company.In fact, the 13 largest energy companies on Earth, measured by.Sophisticated content for financial advisors around investment strategies, industry trends, and advisor education.CNRL not only operates in Western Canada, but has expanded operations around the world, generating billions of dollars in Europe and even more from its light crude blocks in Africa.A strategy in which portfolio managers separate alpha from beta by investing in securities.

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Platts is out with its annual ranking of the top 250 oil companies, which they rank based on asset worth.Saudi Aramco has the largest oil reserves in the world and produces the most oil on a daily basis making it the leading world petroleum company with about 478 billion dollars in annual revenue.

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The company has played a major role in pollution of water and air through leaks and destruction of the environment through drilling in the process of exploration Petro China Petro China is an establishment of the Chinese National Petroleum Corporation established in 1999.

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ExxonMobil deals with crude oil, natural gas, petrochemicals, and other oil products.Get a free 10 week email series that will teach you how to start investing.The company has four refineries that function at high capacity, and upstream, midstream and downstream operations.List of Offshore Drilling Companies. take us away from oil as such a. looks as they are for being the head honchos at some of the biggest companies.The largest public, state-owned, and private businesses by its consolidated revenue.Oil is a multi-billion business and some companies are really reaping in the benefits.Enbridge is based in Calgary and is noted as one of the largest energy delivery companies in the country.

For the first 20 years of its operations, the company had little recognition, but the development of the Athabasca sands presented a perfect opportunity and thrust it into the national spotlight.The Carbon Underground 200 is an annually updated listing of the top 100 public coal companies globally and the top 100 public oil and gas companies.

China National Petroleum Corporation The Corporation is a state-owned organization established in 1988 with headquarters in Beijing.

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Kuwait Petrol Corporation -- 3.2 million barrels per day -In 1934 the Kuwait Oil Company was created by the.Find Top-Rated New York Heating Oil Companies There are 3 top-rated heating oil companies in your area and 751 to avoid.Coverage includes current oil company stock information, oil company news and press.

More than any other company, Suncor has led the development of the Athabasca tar sands.As of 2012, Exxon Mobil Corp. has nearly a 70% ownership stake in the company.How the financial performance of a company would look if you were to extrapolate current results out over a certain period.The company is ranks third in our list of biggest oil companies in the world with a revenue of 428.62 billion dollars and a major employer of more than one million people.In 1934 the Kuwait Oil Company was created by the companies we know today as BP and Chevron.

It also is a petrochemical producer and marketer for the nation, with retail and supply networks from one coast to the other.

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The day of the huge integrated international oil company is drawing to a close.

Oil production of the five largest oil companies has declined since the mid-1990s.Imperial Oil is a major producer of crude oil and natural gas and a significant petroleum refiner for Canada.The company has branches and investments in other countries both in Asia and Africa and shares in other oil companies around the world.This is a list of the biggest oil companies in the world. here is a list of the largest oil companies in the world.These companies are all at least partially publicly traded on a U.S.The 10 biggest companies of the Fortune 500. The second-largest oil company in the U.S. held on to the third spot on this list despite another year.

Some of the largest and most productive oil companies in Canada are Suncor Energy, Inc. (NYSE: SU ), Enbridge, Inc. (NYSE: ENB ), Imperial Oil, Ltd. (AMEX: IMO ), Canadian Natural Resources, Ltd. (NYSE: CNQ ) and TransCanada Corp. (NYSE: TRP ).

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Kosmos is a premier international oil and gas exploration and production company focused on the frontier.

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With an annual revenue of 367.982 billion dollars, the company is the fourth leading oil company in the world.

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The big NOCs now make up six of the ten largest oil producers in.

The Five Biggest Oil Companies In The World Saudi Aramco Saudi Aramco is the largest and leading world oil company in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

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The company is a state-owned company that was founded in 1933 as the California-Arabian Standard Oil Company and renamed in 1988 as the Saudi Aramco.

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